Jan 29, 2011

Simple. Useful sentences

As always it's been a while, I'm pretty slack with posting.

This post will be giving some examples of questions that would be useful in Norway (mostly from a tourist point of view, rather than actually making conversation)

Below are 2 choices, A or B, one is where is, and one is How do I get to; the numbers following are words you can then fit in to both of these to complete the sentence. 

A. Where is...? - Hvor er...? (Vor ahr)

B. How do I get to...? Hvordan kommer jeg til...? (Vawr-dahn kohm-er yai till)

1. the toilet? - toalettet? (Too-ah-let-et)
2. a bus station? - en busstasjon? (ehn boos-stah-shawn)
3. the bus station? - busstasjonen?
4. a train station? - en togstasjon? (ehn tawg-stash-ohn)
5. the train station? - togstasjonen?
6. an airport?* - en flyplass? (ehn flea-plass)
7. the airport? - flyplassen?
8. a cafe? - en kafé? (pronounced the same as cafe in English) 
9. the hospital? - sykehuset? (suhk-eh-hoos-et)
10. this hotel? - dette hotellet** (deh-teh hoh-tell-et)

Karl Johans Gate is a busy street (Gate = street) in Oslo;
the university, parliament and royal palace are nearby.
"Hvordan kommer jeg til Karl Johans Gate?"
*since most places in Norway are only going to have one airport, you probably wouldn't say this very often, I included it mainly to show how 'en' remains the same whether it is 'an' or 'a' in English.
**regarding different dialects, I have also heard 'dette hotel' however in most cases we hope you know the name of your hotel, and can instead say "Hvor er [name of the hotel]?"

Other useful phrases:
Help! - Hjelpe! (yel-peh!)
Can you help me? - Kan du hjelpe meg? (Can doo yel-peh mai?)
I don't speak Norwegian - Jeg snakker ikke Norsk (Yai snak-er ik-keh Nor-shk)
I am from... - Jeg er fra... (Yai ar fra...)

When given directions:
Right - Høyre (Hoigh-rah)
Left - Venstre (Ven-strah)
Straight ahead - Rett fram
U-turn - U-sving (ooh-sving)

These sort of simple phrases are both good for the vocabulary, but also useful for tourists if something goes wrong, you can ask for help, ask for a hospital, or tell someone you aren't local and find someone who speaks English well (which won't be difficult). When traveling and asking for directions, it helps if you know the locations of some famous or popular building. In oslo, buildings like the National Theatre, Opera House, Royal Palace, University and Parliament House are all fairly well known and popular buildings. Unfortunately for getting directions, most of these except the Opera House are along Karl Johans Gate.

Stortinget, the Norwegian Parliament building.

Anyway, more next time (who knows when that might be)
Ha det!

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